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Original Replacement Brush

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If you Grill Daddy begins to show signs of wear and tear, the replacement brushes are the perfect solution to get it as good as new.

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Product Details

Though it offers you superior cleaning technology, even the Grill Daddy can start to experience wear and tear over time.Your bristles may become clogged with dirt, or they may wear down after repeated uses or tough scrubbing sessions. Original Grill Daddy replacement brushes are now available, making your old Grill Daddy, new again. Simply replace the brush with one of our Original Grill Daddy replacement brushes, and the superior steam cleaning power of your Grill Daddy will be restored. Don’t allow the demands of your cleaning schedule to put so much wear and tear on your Grill Daddy that you have to replace the whole brush. Save money and replace your brushes to get the full power of the Grill Daddy and to help it last as long as your grill – if not longer.

SKU: GB05522S
Package Dimensions: 35cm x 0cm x 210cm (W x D x H)