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Heat Shield Spatula

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With Grill Daddy's Heat Shield Spatula, you'll never have to worry about painful burns when you cook on the grill.

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Product Details

Designed to offer you the ultimate protection, the Heat Shield Spatula will provide you constant protection by providing a barrier between the hot grill and your hand. Flare ups can be quite dangerous when you work on the grill because they have the potential to cause serious burns. With our signature heat shield, you will always be protected even when you turn your hand. When working on a large grill or basting, the Heat Shield Spatula can be adjusted to telescope additional 14cm for convenience. The interchangeable spatula head is convenient when working with different types of meats since it is compatible with the Basting Brush, Fork, Slider Flipper and Fish Flipper. Inside the handle is a meat thermometer which is conveniently stored away when not in use.

SKU: GQ52611WB
Package Dimensions: 90cm x 0cm x 550cm (W x D x H)